This was the only picture in which Brianna was not bolting around the room. Yes – she is walking!
The other two pictures are to demonstrate how clearly obsessed my daughter is with the tutu. She informed me last night she wanted pink hair. She put the tutu on her head, and I said “You look like you are going to get married” To which she replied, ” No mom, I don’t have a lamb.”
Recently, Aly has been cracking me up – Here are two recent conversations:
S: Aly on Saturday, we are going to celebrate Briannas birthday
A: Ok Momma, and on Monday we celebrate Aly’s birthday
S: Your birthday is in March, how old are you going to be
S: Well, you are two now, in March you will be three
A: No, I will be thirty two
This next one – I must preface. Aly colored a page from a coloring book a long while back. Since it was her first one, I put it on the side of the refrigerator. It was a picture of Curious George. She has since colored about 100 of these and we have picked a couple to hang on the wall beside the fridge. This week we were making cookies for her Halloween Party. The picture kept getting in the way and I finally took it down and threw it away. Well, she went to put a wrapper in the garbage and found the coloring:
A: Momma, why is George in the trash
S: Well Aly, you have colored beautiful pictures for me, George kept falling down, so I put him in the trash
A: That not nice, (looks at the paper) I so sorry George, Momma say you are sorry
S: Sorry George
A: Are you okay George, momma won’t throw you in the trash again, that not nice
S: (At this point I leave the room because I am laughing)
A: Holds and strokes George for a few minutes, then gets tape and hangs him back up.

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Craig · November 5, 2008 at 3:04 am

Your daughters are priceless. It was great fun to spend Saturday with all of you and your friends.

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