Dear State of PA and my wonderful health insurance company,

It would have been really nice if you had forwarned me that you have no flu shot vaccines left in the state for children under 3. It really is not all that convenient for me to be driving a 7 HOUR roundtrip next Wed so that I can have my children vaccinated by our WONDERFUL pediatrician back in CT.

I like to think that I have patience, but spending multiple hours in a car with my small children only to take them to a place that is going to make them both cry is really not what I would call a joyous roadtrip.

My insurance company when I called them for my options was oh so helpful when they let me know, they have “no idea” where I could find such vaccine but surely it was important to get not only the flu but also the H1N1 “as soon as possible” – Gee Thanks for the info.

I mean seriously – how is it that of the 10 pediatricians I called in PA – no one has the flu shot and they have never seen the H1N1 vaccine and CT has plenty to go around?????

Okay I am done my rant!

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