This past weekend we traveled to NH to celebrate Easter, with my family.  We held the annual egg hunt and the kids had a great time.  Jackson rode the tractor all around…he was more interested in that than anything else.

We headed home to PA on Sunday and early Monday morning we headed to NYC to American Girl.  This was what Aly chose as a birthday present.  We took a couple of her friends and we had lunch in the little cafe there.  They were so cute!

So Brianna really did not care for American Girl…she went along for the ride…but it is certainly not her thing.  Everyone had a doll, so she decided she wanted one…we got one that looked like her – see above picture.
After lunch, we headed downstairs so they could get an outfit…and Brianna found the little stuffed puppies that go with the dolls…that was REALLY what she wanted.  So we returned the doll in favor of a new puppy – chocolate chip….at a fraction of the cost…I’ll take it!

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