On Thursday Aly was getting ready for preschool…it is always such a process.  This needs to match that and so on.  She came downstairs with this dress on and the belt in her hands.  I thought she wanted me to tie the belt on the dress…the way it is supposed to go.  She informs me that she wants it in her hair….and demonstrates the headband look. 
As I was following her instructions, she says…you know mom belts can be used for other things…they are like an accessory…gee who knew.  CERTAINLY not the one who almost NEVER gets dressed before I pick them up at noon.  I asked her where she learned all this fashion advice.  She says – no joke “At school, you know it is not all about learning your ABC’s or 123’s.”
Apparently we are currently enrolled in the fashion preschool of Lansdale. 

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