Groceries are on the rise… joke

This week Ryan and I sat down on a couple of occasions to work out our 2011 budget.  While he is all into predicting the year 2014, I can only grasp the present.  Love, love, love being married to someone who knows where our every penny goes – riiiight.

In 2010, he finally commented that I pay cash for my occasional coffee out – totally caught.  Here I thought I had another year in the bag. 

As we looked through our budget and worked out where we were going to add or subtract.  I was amazed at the average spending per month in 2010 for groceries…our family is really growing.

It is no wonder the general population eats like garbage, it is much cheaper to do so.  As a family of 5 we easily burn through 2 pints of blueberries, grapefruit, blackerries, strawberries, a half dozen apples, and two bunches of bananas per week (they are Jacksons favorite).  Some weeks I find that I am headed out midweek for more fruit.  Aly alone can eat a container of blackberries in one sitting – she loves them.  Add on the two gallons of milk,  veggies, dozen eggs, bread and meat…well there goes our grocery budget!

When I was talking to my mom this week, I was commenting on how expensive grocery shopping has gotten.  Why is it soo much cheaper in NH?  So it will be interesting to see come February if we can stick to our budget.  If not maybe we can all just eat snow….there is certainly enough of it!

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