Guess who is diggin his new swimsuit.  Ryan picked it out…not a big fan of the skull print….oh well.  How about the fact that the suit is 24 month suit for my rather small 9 MONTH OLD!!!!
Three out of five of us have bronchitis….so much fun. Jackson and Bri were diagnosed on Wed and then by Sat I was in the Dr.  This is a huge bummer since I was looking forward to getting in a great week of training prior to leaving for Aruba. 
Speaking of Aruba…..6 days…I have been working on packing.. and you can tell that I have a whole lot of help
I think Ryan is the worst…he was all encouraging the kids to have a beach party tonight… off they went to dig through the piles that I had laid out to be packed….of course they thought it was awesome…why am I always the no fun parent??
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