Here are the 11 houses…ready for decorating on Sat afternoon with 11 of our friends…they are still sitting in the same spot.  Jackson decided to start puking about 2 hours before the start of our festivities, so rather than getting a whole lotta preschoolers sick we decided to postpone….
Santa came to our neighborhood on Sat, Aly braved the cold weather to wave hello and then at the end of our street Santa took off his suit and drove the fire truck away…try explaining that one to your kid.  Aly did remark that she does only have a few more days to get off the naughty list….love the portable north pole!
Other than that we are getting ready for a crazy week.  The girls sing during the Christmas Eve service, we are hosting our gingerbread night on Wed.  While I am sad not to be heading to NH, I can’t imagine packing the car again this week.  I just finished all of the laundry from our last trip.
No snow yet….hopefully we will have a white Christmas!
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Mary IronMatron · December 20, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Wow. You didn't MAKE those gingerbread houses, did you?
You are a good mommy. Cool cool party to have for you little ones.

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