Great weather and lots of outside time.  Jackson took control of the cozy coupe and he thought that was pretty cool.
We played outside a lot this weekend.  I am so ready for Spring to really be here. 
Aly made sure she was riding in style…and Brianna may have borrowed Jackson’s new love for a brief moment.
Jackson was not really impressed and soon regained total control.
This afternoon I met up with some others to learn a new bike route.  Last year I did not ride at all because I was pregnant with Jackson.  So I am really unfamiliar with good places to ride.  30 minutes into the ride, I get a flat.  Uggggh…I replace the tube and fill it – thinking I can be on my way and within 2 minutes the tire was flat again.  I swear this bike is possessed and it does not LIKE me at all.  2 broken tire levers, 3 CO2 cartridges and 2 tubes later, I threw in the towel and called Ryan to come get me.
We headed to the bike shop to see if they could fix it.  Turns out that there was small thorn between the tube and the tire and it was popping all the new tubes I put in.  At least there was really a problem and I just was not totally incompetent.
Hopefully this week will be better!
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