It seems crazy that IMLP is here this weekend…the past few weeks have flown by between summer swimming and normal craziness.  I am excited to toe the line this Sunday and grateful to be healthy and ready to roll.

I have always believed that it takes a village when training for IM, there is just only so much that you can do on your own.  Summer training takes juggling to a whole new level and I was lucky this year to have some awesome help along the way.  I have a ROCKSTAR village that has supported me and helped me along the way…so a few THANKS are necessary.

Ryan -My partner and crime and guy by my side. THANK YOU for coming home after a long week of work to 198 loads of laundry and for quietly picking up the grocery shopping so we did not all starve…the kids would prefer that you keep that task..Snacks for our trip across country as my case in point.


I am lucky to be able to chase these dreams and each chapter of our lives just feels a little more right…XOXO

The rest of the Miller CLAN – who is driving from Iowa to spectate their first Ironman…we are SUPER excited to see you guys

Sue Aquila – 12 weeks and a ton of work, learning and progress, I am excited to see what the future holds.   Great things to come for sure.

JHC – for 4 years of coaching, mentor, laughs and much much more…an incredible coach and friend who did a great job!

Bob Burke – for the bike, the advice, the text message service and the unwavering support…your bike shop is the ABSOLUTE best.

North Wales Running – best RUN store around!  Thanks for working around my CRAZY schedule and allowing me to be part of the team!

My go to ladies…when training or life got rough…these girls were there all the time.  My circle is small but I could not have done it with out you…Kelly, Julia, Denise, and Tara… I am excited that you will be at IMLP to share this day.

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Jamie Dalpes  – for massage therapy that sometimes included babysitting!  I would not be able to recover as well if it was not for you!

Jim Fagnani – and the rest of the PTW West Norriton staff.  The Alter G was a lifesaver early spring and I am thankful for all of your help with the minor issues that I had!

Onward to LP!




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Julia · July 22, 2015 at 4:33 pm

YOU ARE MORE THAN AWESOME, and i am so excited ( JEALOUS ) that you get to tear it up soon. August is payback you can hold my hand! Think of Lemmon repeats and remember Liz’s mom running away from the dolphin anytime you need to grin when you are mid race.
And I am so proud of your swim progress, you really have come along ways since camp. ( LOL)

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