Ryan came home this week and annouced that CIGNA was getting relocated back to CT…I jumped for joy..and then he told me that we are not moving back.  BOOO!  Not moving is better than moving to Hong Kong at this point. 
Life is good…really good!  We are settling in to being back home after our six week road trip.  We have had family this week and friends arriving on Monday.  But it is sure nice to be home.
I am excited that we are staying fairly local until school starts….we have one trip to NH planned and then our family vacation.  We have lots of day trips planned for our vacation and maybe and overnight at the beach again.
Notice Jack’s cone…he bit off the end first.  I used to do this ALL the  time growing up.  We went for his one year appointment today and they want to evaluate his speech, or lack thereof.  I am fine with it and I am sure in his own time he will talk.  Right now he has two talking older sisters talking for him so why bother.
On the training front..I took a leap of faith in June and hired a new coach.  Change is good and it was time for a change for me.   I was unsure as to my plans after Mooseman but I am READY to go again.  I did a little sprint in June and that was fun.  I am gearing up for Steelman olympic distance in August and then……..another HIM..yep I am going to go long again in September. 
Then potentially the Philadelphia Marathon….ohh this excites me.  I have not run an open marathon since 2004 and I am really itching to see what I can do.  Granted this depends on a few things..like…the looming fourth child decision….I might give this a go..
But for now we are just going to hang out
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