Well as evidenced by Brianna’s face we are still working our way through Aly’s birthday cake.  Brianna seems to have developed a rather strong love for sweets, so we have had to put all things “treat-like” out of her reach.  More than once we have found her in the corner happily sucking on a lollypop.
The weather has been terrible.  RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN, I am done with this weather.  You can surely stock fish in the pond in our yard and the dogs can seriously slip and slide.

As you can see, we are seriously working on behavior.   No really, I have been looking at different schools for the fall for Aly,  I have not been impressed with some of the behavior in her classroom.  I worry about our kids and their behavior, but it does not compare to some others.  The director has assured me that they are in the process of working through the issues.  Hopefully it will all be rectified and we can stay.  I really like the programs that they offer.
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