We are in the lounge waiting for our flight home.  Ryan rocked and upgraded us both to business class!  Perks of traveling so much.  We went over to Kowloon to check out the good shopping.  We did not find too much.  You really have to know where to go, otherwise the bargains are not that great.

You really can’t see but the Chinese Banyan trees are HUGE.  It provides great shade against the heat.  We met up with another couple that Ryan works with over here.  They took us out for our final night in Hong Kong.  They have spent most of their lives alternating between North America and Asia.  They currently live near Stanley, which is another popular expat community.  This was our view from dinner.
I found it fascinating to learn about their adventures in Asia.  They have two children and have lived in Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong…as well as Chicago and Toronto.  The shopping in Stanely was fantastic.  Ryan got a great winter coat, that I get to haul back to the US for a steal.
I am excited to see the kids…but greatful that I was able to have this experience and see Asia.  Onto the US!

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