We have arrived.  No pictures yet since I forgot the little adapter.  16 hours of flying and a 13 hour time change.  Whew…we barely made it to dinner last night without falling asleep.  I learned a couple of things so far.  I am certainly taller that 99.9 % of the population here.  This morning after my run, I went to get in the shower and needed to duck to wash my hair.  My shoes also do not fit in the little compartments on business class.  Apparently the average woman does not have size 12 sneakers.

We are staying in Causeway Bay which is pretty close to central Hong Kong.  It is relatively mild…70s and HUMID…everyone is talking about this winter weather that they are having…it is winter here as well.  Today we are going to head out and see a couple of different areas of HK and do some shopping.  Ryan arrives this afternoon and he will be able to nagivate the city for us a little easier.

Hopefully I can post some pics soon.

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