One day when we had played outside for about an hour, I introduced Hot Chocolate. I explained that since it was really cold out and we had been playing outside for a long time, we were going to have a treat. Somewhere along the way, the cold outside and playing for a long time got lost.

This afternoon, we went around the neighborhood to deliver Aly’s birthday invitations. Mind you, it is 40 out and we had been outside for all of 10 minutes. Our conversation went like this:

A: Mom, when we go inside I think I really need some hot chocolate and fruity snacks

M: Aly, it is not even really that cold, and we have not been outside that long. Plus hot chocolate is for really cold days, like when it is snowing and Mom hopes there are not going to be any more of those.

A: Don’t worry mom, I will be really cold when I go inside. Plus fruity snacks, they warm me up inside.

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Jen · February 26, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Yeah, Hot Chocolate is a staple in our house too…Thanks to Mimi who introduced it to Josh last year. They/We even have a “Mimi-mixer”. There’s no temperature rule either 🙂

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