You often hear about how kids from the same parents have such different personalities….

Well, ours fit that bill just about perfectly. Brianna when possible tears through the house naked – as happy as can be.

She really wants to potty train – I am holding out until Feb…..We are traveling a bunch these next six weeks and to be honest, the thought of hitting every possible potty though the holiday season and various airports is enough to make me want to encourage pull ups.

Tonight I found her in the bathroom…on the potty. She told me to leave her alone she was in the potty – pretty much the exact same words I use with her multiple times a day when Aly is in the potty. So, I left her to do her business. No more than two minutes had gone by when she announced that she had peed……..on the floor. Hello – you were on the potty. I swear she just knows I am putting this off.

So we cleaned up the floor and went to read books – naked of course.

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