I am building a fire, and everyday I train I add more fuel.  At just the right moment, I light the match.. unknown

We arrived in Placid on Thursday.  I was able to check in quickly and then we grabbed a quick dinner in Lake Placid.  We drove out to Wilmington and jammed out family of 5 in a 100 sq. foot room with 5 bikes.  Somehow I ended up in a full bed sandwiched between a 5 and 7 year old…good times!

I got up early Friday and rode the run course.  The weather had been pretty stable and cool so it was a nice change from the humidity of home.  We checked into our condos on Friday and met up with several of our athletes that were racing.


These guys kept the pressure and tension off all weekend and made me laugh so hard..it was great to have them on the course as well:



Saturday was a whirlwind of our team breakfast, checking gear bags, and last minute details.  The kids all went to the Wild Center for the day which was PERFECT.  They had a great day and I was able to stay off my feet and get ready for Sunday.


Sunday rolled around and I was up at 4:30 am…breakfast of oatmeal, berries, nut butter, and coffee.  Our condo was right across from the swim start, so we were able to go to transition put our nutrition on our bikes, pump tires, and get the heck out of there.  We headed back to the condos to await the call to see if we were going to swim. Sat night there was a fire on the lake and we had heard that the swim was possibly going to get cancelled…insert PANIC…


We were told that they would test the water at 5 am and then we would be told by 6 if there was going to be a swim.  While we were at the condo, we heard them announce that the swim was on…GAME ON!


I got in to warm up…swam for about 15 min and then hopped out to get into the sub one hour seeding.  I wanted to make sure that I got out and into the water and away from the mayhem.  The swim at LP is fast…the lake is little and the large number of athletes creates a whirlpool effect in the water.  The water was warm 72ish and the lake is clear.  I knew I did not want to be near the cable on the first loop but figured I would catch it on the second.  The start was a little rough…with the self seeding there are plenty of people that seed in hopes of going sub 1 hour but really are just trying to hang on for the ride.  As we got further out into the lake, I could taste the fire debris, ash, and the gas from the boats…




I split the loops fairly evenly, hitting the back side of the first loop swimmers on the turn back to the lake.  This caused a fair amount of sighting but I was able to power through most of it without too much trouble.

Out of the water in 57:25 for 1/AG and 2nd female overall.

Sidenote:  THANKS ROKA sports for #ROKAFOTW prize packs for all the AG winners….that was a nice surprise!

My friend Denise was working in transition so she was able to get me out the door quickly…and onto the bike.

Immediately I felt not good…like I was going to puke…so I kept the effort a little lower.  The climbs out of Placid are no joke and I knew that it was a long day to not feel good.  I stayed on my nutrition plan and knew that the day was still very young.  It was overcast and humid so I just simply lowered the power a little and hoped that by the time I got to Keene I would feel a little better.

The sun began to peek out and it warmed up a little, I continued to eat and drink on schedule and see if I could just settle my stomach a little….and then as we made the turn to 9W, I puked.  I knew this could go either way..and I just needed to hope that it was my way.  I stayed on course with nutrition, I did back off a tad and try to get my stomach to turn the corner.


As I rolled through town, I began to feel a little better…I stopped at special needs and picked up 4 more bottles of Skratch and headed back out of town.  I worked my way out of Placid and suddenly I began to feel awesome…the second loop seem to go by so fast.  It got hot and the sun was out but I had planned on extra fluids and fueling, so I was prepared

Off the bike in 6:15:38 13/AG

Into transition, I met up with Kelly, who just put everything on me…she tied my shoes and shoved me out the door…and so off I went.

The run has been my Achilles heel, literally…but I went in hoping to run most of the marathon.  It was HOT…for Lake Placid…mid 80s would be my guess and not what we thought it would be.  I used ice and water at each aid station and just focused on the miles run.  As I turned onto River Rd it was apparent there were a lot of people struggling to run..


While it got hard at many points….I never really stopped smiling.  Really we are so lucky to be able to do these things and it was such a fun fun day.  I knew on the run, I had set myself up for a HUGE PR and that really kept me motivated through the finish.  That and these guys who were just all over the course:


In the end I finished 4:45. 40 for 12:08:01 20/AG

I finished the race spent…I had asked Ryan to be on the hill with the kids so I could say hello as I cruised the oval….I have no recollection of really finishing except when my friend Christine caught me.  Complete satisfaction came over me….I finally put together a good day…it was not perfect, or magical but a culmination of a lot of hard work.  It was a starting point to work from that I feel really good about..and the fire has been lit.






Deb K · July 31, 2015 at 7:08 pm

Great read – congrats on a fabulous race!

Cathy Raynis Meeker · August 1, 2015 at 9:42 pm

Congratulations! I was cheering you on the day of so it is lovely to hear more of the details about your day. What a huge accomplishment!

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