November went all too fast and soon I know Christmas is approaching.  We had a great trip to and furious but fun and festive as well.  The kids are excited to get a tree and get this party started!  

hello smores pie..Aly made this for Thanksgiving dessert…and it was a hit!
I got the chance to climb the mountain with my dad…no kids this year as it was super cold…but it made the trip faster and enjoyable to move right up…we could see Boston since the day was so clear!

Aly got some much needed girl time with Aunt Brooke…hopefully she will not think this is happening at our house regularly.
The Annual Thanksgiving Driveway race happened again….I think Uncle Barry took the  overall win!

This was what Aly thought of this race…NOT INTERESTED

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Stephanie · December 3, 2013 at 1:10 am

omg smores pie yes please!

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