My triathlon season is over….and Jack is letting daddy know what he thinks of football
These are the pieces that he ripped out with his mouth like he was a lion…but then he set them nicely on top of the dog….really what is with this kid?
On Saturday, I raced my second Half Ironman.  In the end, it wasn’t really a race.  The swim was fine…long but fine.  I was second overall out of the water.  I got on my bike hoping for a good solid 56 miles.  Since I ride this regularly I was pretty confident I could bike well.  It was all going pretty well and then at mile 53 I got a flat.  Pretty much sums up my summer on this bike.  The good news is I am getting pretty speedy at changing them.  If there were awards for most flats changed in a season I am guessing I would be All American!
Ryan and the kids were at the lake where all the transitions were so I finished up and started the run.  It was not a great run for me, but fun to have the kids there.  They saw me at the out and back and then Aly and Bri ran the finish line with me.    All in all it was good to have another one under my belt. 
I was not at all sad to hang my bike up in the garage though.   I have been having hip issues for the past couple of weeks and I don’t know how much of it may be related to the bike.  So in 2012, I might break it out again. 
I have decided though parenting Jackson is almost like a Half Ironman on a daily basis…In a matter of a few minutes he can wrap himself in scotch tape….climb the kitchen table
Climb out of the crib…or practices future stage diving techniques on the furniture.
This would be the latest and greatest….jumping from the chair to the ottoman.
So happy training to me ALL WINTER!
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