My sister Brooke reminded me that I had not posted the Iowa pictures. There are not that many since once sickness hit our family the camera kind of disappeared. Although Ryan is disappointed that I did not get snapshots of both girls puking on him.

I did however capture how adult like my husband can be as he is wrestling 3 or 4 of his neices and nephews. Now combined all 4 of them probably equal Ryans weight, and in true Ryan fashion he was not going to let anyone win. ***Please note the poor individual underneath -you can see his legs – Sorry Dallas***

Here are the twins. We visited Derek and Shelbys house in our second week and there were 5 girls ages 3 or under. What a madhouse. It was great fun to see all of the Miller girls play together. We are excited for them to come East this summer – hint hint.

This is a story in itself. This is the Iowa version of salad. Salad in the midwest takes a completely new meaning as it must include either whipped creme, or jello or both. This was strawberry pretzel salad. In the East we call it dessert.

This is one of the few pictures of the kids that I got. When we celebrated the Miller Christmas on Friday night. Brianna was fast asleep in her bed, so Aly got to enjoy opening presents without any little sister.

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