First and foremost…to avoid the bizillion inquiries..I did NOT sign up.  It was not in the plan…I might have had wavered just a little after the midnight finishers and the excitement but I did not sign up for next year.  It most definitely is in the plan..but we need to nail a couple things down before I make that huge commitment.

Okay the good stuff.  I headed up on Sat to stay with Kelly and Shaun.  I was a sherpa in training…just learning the ropes.  Kelly races for QT2 and they are a top notch organization!  I was so impressed with all of her training information and the people that I met were so friendly and helpful.  Sat night Shaun and I headed to the Lake Placid Brewery to meet up with other non racers.  We had some dinner and some beer and headed home rather early so that Kelly could sleep.  We might have missed our 9:30 curfew but nonetheless we sprinted the last half mile to the hotel to make it before 10.

Up early at 3:30 am…we headed to transition so that Shaun and I could get our volunteer stuff and Kelly could get everything set up.
I headed to the swim start…I do not think that I would like this.  It looked like one big washing machine.
Then I headed back to transition to help the athletes change from swim to bike.  Everyone was so nice and the athletes were so appreciative.   I gave some women my socks because she forgot hers and she was so upset that she was going to have to bike without socks. We got them all off on the bikes and then Shaun and I headed out the bike course to cheer and watch.  I knew several people racing so it was fun to see them all out on the bike and the run.
We got dinner and Kelly finished soon after.  She had an awesome race an PR.  We headed back to the hotel and then we went back to the race to see the final finishers.  That was just AWESOME.  There had to be 2000 people cheering in the last finishers.  The crowd and atmosphere was electric…
A great time!  Thanks Kelly and Shaun!

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Shaun · July 28, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Mega-respect for sprinting in flip-flops.

Kel · July 29, 2011 at 10:39 am

I cannot wait to sherpa for your first full!

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