So I knew today was going to be a looooong day, when I looked at my watch and saw it was only 9:30 am. It is cold and we are going a little stir crazy due to Brianna’s two new teeth and Aly continuing to show us her “strong willed” personality.

Today I think I should get “Mother of the Year” here is what we did-

We went to Dunkin Donuts to load up on extra coffee and munchkins to survive our errands.

We played in Target for 45 minutes – in the Christmas section. Aly turned on all of the musical instruments and Brianna danced. Hmm I was pleasantly surprised they did not ask us to leave. Note- nothing was broken in the process.

We left Target with lunch in hand – Pizza Hut Breadsticks – yes thank you daddy, we cannot seem to leave Target without these now.

We had Breadsticks and fruit for lunch.

So much for nutrition.

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