YES!  I am gearing up for a marathon this weekend and I am really excited!  I am feeling good and ready.  I decided against running Philly…since I have done that one and getting in and out of the city is a pain…plus it is huge and I have done so much training on my own that a smaller marathon appeals to me.
However, when NYC cancelled their race…my race filled immediately.  While it is still small – a field of 500 I think.  I was hoping it would be more like the 20 miler race that I ran a few weeks ago.  The course is almost all on trail and it is narrow.    The best thing is it is close to home and a bunch of friends are running it as well, which makes it fun! 
I wasn’t sure how I was going to run this…but after some back and forth, I hammered out a good race plan with Jen this week.  The hard about running a race with friends is that your goals may be different…so we will just have to plan for the Poconos in May – right George! I am excited to start planning 2013…and throw in some fun stuff like swimming in a meet for the first time since high school.
And then it is time to play..get back in the pool seriously and find my bike which I am actually looking forward too.  We have our annual Gingerbread Holiday Party so we will spend the early part of the month baking and building for the holidays, I am capping it at 30 houses this year..too many make me crazy.  We are traveling for Thanksgiving but not for Christmas so it will be nice to be at home for the holidays…and maybe Jackson will leave the ornaments on the tree this year!

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GoBigGreen · November 15, 2012 at 3:56 pm

Hey i have lots of bikes you can use:)
Good luck Stacey, YOU ARE READY:) smile lots and i hope you have a great time ( chronologically and also FUN!)

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