Somehow these past few months have escaped me.  We went from the crazy holiday season, winter swimming and to all things winter.


November and December were extremely mild…so much so I was able to ride my bike outside every month.  I think I was out the day after Christmas.  We did not get enough snow to ski until Jan…

Once the snow started to fall….we headed north to the slopes.  It is crazy how fast the kids are getting.  They are putting in full days on the slopes and we closed the mountains more than once.  We have managed to hit some new trails and a new mountain which was steeper and more challenging! Everyone did great…and we managed to get off without any broken bones = winning



Skiing has been great for our family, a way to spend time together each winter and doing something that the kids love.  There always seems to be a new trail or mountain to explore and we have been lucky to get some great snow this winter.  I have managed to keep up some training in between our adventures.  Running around this lake most weekends.



Mid February started my travel season…this year, I am traveling quite a bit racing, training, coaching, etc.  We have managed to get a couple of family trips squeezed in there as well.  So I headed to AL, to sherpa and cheer for the Mercedes Half Marathon.  Despite being in the South it was not all that warm!  Regardless, we had a great time and I was able to see my best college friend finish her first half marathon!  A great weekend for sure.


And now I am in LA…headed to Tucson for the week…hoping to get a solid block of training in for the Spring!


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