Last week we were in CT and we visited friends who gave us a bunch of boys toys….I think my friend Jen thought that poor Jack would be dressing in princess FOREVER.  Jack has been loving this zebra….or anything that moves, can be thrown, or banged for that matter.  THANKS DEMARCO FAMILY!
We have been busy enjoying the weather and playing outside.  Jack stands at the door and points to the swing on a regular basis.  We have about 3 more weeks in PA and then we begin our long (5 week) long summer trip to NH, Toronto Canada, and then to Iowa.  While in theory it was good on paper,,,,I am starting to think that I might be insane…or by the time we get home in July for sure I will be done.
We are excited to see family and friends…and I am super excited to race in NH and IA.  Maybe if I start packing now I might be ready!

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