On Saturday Brooks Running came out to the store to host a Pure Love Run promoting their new line of minimal shoes.  

I am finding this movement to running in a minimalist shoe so fascinating. I never really took much interest in the barefoot running movement.  I read the book and thought it was interesting, but it did not move me to attempt my next run with nothing on my feet.  I think that working in a running store has allowed me to develop my own little theory on the minimalist shoe….quite simply

you should run in a shoe that works for you, your body type and your running style

What has amazed me recently is the rush to run in less.  Just yesterday, we were at a health fair at a local pharmecutical company and many people asked about running barefoot.  While our approach is a little different in looking at the actual foot and taking some specific measurements seated and standing…..there are times were the individual is not interested in what might work for them rather what is the current trend.

Admittedly, I have not tried the Brooks line…I have spent the better part of the last 4 months or so rehabilitating a torn ligament in my hip.  I did however try the Saucony Mirage…along the same lines as the minimal shoe but with some midfoot posting for stability.  I have not run in them but I have worn them for longer periods of time and I can definitely feel a difference in the way my foot and lower leg muscles are working.  I am not sure if I will make the transition to a shoe in this line.

I think though….the craze is somewhat crazy….the push to run in minimal even though you might injure yourself.

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