Today is Alys 5th brithday…..I should know by now not to ask my high maintenance, princess loving, tulle wearing 5 year old what kind of cupcakes she wants to bring to school. 

She will simply reply – fairy cupcakes with glitter wings and they need to look like me…….

Right on sister…especially when your brother is super sick and we just got back from vacation…..but who can say no?  Certainly not me.

Happy 5th Birthday Aly – you truly are the princess I never thought I would have!
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Marsha · March 28, 2011 at 2:14 am

I absolutely loved this. Aly looks so beautiful and growing up so fast. Five years already…wow. Stacey, you are such a good mom.

I wish I could have seen you all in Aruba. I was so sad that I had messed up the dates and didn't get to party with you guys. Next time in CT, I would love to see you.

Love you all.


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