This morning I had my long run that was left over from this weekend.  It was a nutty week at work, and then our tri club was at the Endurance Expo all weekend.  I was beat.  So Jen and I agreed that we would move it to Monday.  The only problem was that it meant the treadmill…and Jackson…which is an unlikely to work well for a short period of time..let alone for over an hour.
I went armed with trucks, snacks, and plenty of toys…to the basement.  As the miles ticked by, Jack found new ways to entertain himself.  The best, which took the better part of an hour was sending his matchbox cars zooming off the back of the treadmill. 
Then came the cake pops!
Seven darling preschoolers making cake pops…and good thing we had two dogs to pick up the mess.  My mom had given me a cake pop maker last year…so we busted it out and went to work.  5 colors of chocolate…7 happy children.

So much fun!

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Caroline · February 27, 2013 at 2:17 am

I saw the words Cake Pops in your post title and HAD to look 🙂 When we get together for a training weekend, let's make the cake pop maker an integral part of the weekend, mmmmkay? Great job getting in your long run while entertaining Jackson – THAT is multi-tasking at its finest, I am sure 🙂

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