Jackson could watch this all day long!  It is a good thing that our neighbor has an orange tractor…the storm cleanup continues.  We were lucky not to lose to many trees.  There are still many down from the storm.
How cool is this bowl?  Our neighbor Mr. Mike (with the orange tractor who is 85 I think) carved this out of a tree and brought it over after we had helped clean up from the storm.  Jackson LOVES Mr. Mike and he has proclaimed that this is his bowl…for chips of course!

Here are the lines of power trucks…still heading north as people do not have power.  It is amazing to see all of the help that is still coming in.
and with all of this…we created a jar full of Thanks for November…the kids are having a great time at dinner writing what they are thankful for.  We are truly blessed to have power, a warm house and healthy family.

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