It has been good and it has been bad……..

The bad…our camera is MIA…BooHoo..more so that I did not back up the 3000 pictures I have taken since Jan of this year.  I know, my bad but I am still sad.  Somewhere between the airport and the cab ride (which was a complete CLUSTER &%^#) it went missing.  I should have known….3 kids, 4 bags, 5 carry ons and 3 taxi drivers that insisted they knew where they were going.

We literally were lost in Madrid for at least an hour before our arrival to the condo……and then they wanted cab fare for that hour…..hmmmmm.

The good…we took the tour Madrid bus all around town.  We have used our Spanish and the kids are still having a blast.  Great food, we ate the BEST indian tonight.  Great fun…they ran their hearts content in the Plaza Mayor this afternoon. 

Tomorrow is our last day…we plan to do a little sightseeing and then head in early.  We have not been eating dinner until 9 or 10 and everyone has just kind of adjusted…..even Jack…although nursing has been a challenge through all the time changes….

We booked a shuttle for the return trip home!

See you on the other side…

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