It is done!  and a huge sigh of relief!

I started this venture when I was 7 months pregnant with Jackson.  I told Ryan I wanted to do a Half Ironman.  He laughed.  Then I told him I wanted to hire a coach…I think he just laughed harder.  Then I wanted a bike, and a trainer, and some gear…it goes on and on

But onward I went.  Training for this thing like a madwomen…and many will attest to that!

The race…the weather could not have been better.

The swim – my wave was in the middle.  The water was cold, I think 60.  About 500 yards in, I thought I might not be able to finish…the adreneline and the nerves I think.  It passed and I got out of the water in 28:51

The bike – leaving transition I had a minor mishap.  I forgot to put on my bib, it got caught in my chain and then I dropped my chain.  GREAT START.  Onward I went up those darn hills.  I made it up, stayed in aero for most of the descent and then climbed again.  My plan was to just ride based on feel and not get caught up in the masses of men that were passing me.  Overall, I thought the bike was okay.  56 miles later…3:19:55

The run – I have been working on my run off the bike ALL SPRING.  My plan was to keep the first 6 miles right around 9 and then see how I felt.  So onward I went and I felt pretty good the whole time final run time was 1:58.47

Final time 5:52.21

I learned a ton in the process.  Training for longer triathlon events is completely a family affair.  I have so many people to thank for being part of the process and helping make this MY DAY!

Ryan – I think there are a million things you would have rather me picked to do than a HIM.  Instead though you let me have my time.  While you may never understand what drives people to endurance events – you let me do what I needed to do and you supported me along the way!  Thanks for the bike, the coach, your time and most importantly your means the world to me.

Aly, Bri, and Jackson – No race would ever come close to the accomplishments in raising you…please stop terrorizing the babysitters so mommy can continue to train.  It is awesome that every time I come home with a medal you think I won.

My parents – without them no doubt this would not have been possible.  You watched our crew while I trained.  You mapped routes for the bike, sat at the lake while I swam and brought our girls to the finish.  I hope that I am half the parent that you have been to me.

Tara, Amy, Tanya, Susan, Erika, and Jen – while triathlon is not part of your world you are certainly the best girlfriends someone could ask for.  Thank you for listening!

Mary – 11 weeks post baby I started with you.  Your patience, support and dedication to the sport is truly AMAZING!  You were the reason I was able to complete this goal and I am truly appreciative of everything that you have done for me.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  I cannot wait to see you in action at LP!

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sdbell_vc · June 9, 2011 at 12:18 pm

A HUGE Congratulations — you've accomplished something I only dream of (ok seriously I never have dreamed of a HIM — perhaps if they did it with wine after each leg??). You are in inspiration of endurance, motherhood and friendship . . . a more than a little bit nuts, which is why we love you. xoxoxo, your SC fans – Susan, Brian, Morgan & Aaron

Lisa · June 13, 2011 at 11:08 pm

Congratulations!! It sounds like a dream race. I can't wait to follow your blog. Triathlons scare me. The more I read, the more attainable they seem to become. Someday…

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