Group programming can be a hard egg to crack.  When I left Fleet Feet in October, and then the store closed I was not sure if the group programs would take off.  The momentum of the groups carry the individual programs as a business moves, sometimes the enthusiasm gets lost in the transition.  So when we put together the 2014 schedule, I was nervous to see what kind of initial turnout we would have.
Total Performance in many ways is a better fit for the mission I am trying to create.  We have injury prevention and rehabiliation covered since there are some awesome PTs.  We have a great location with some great routes and we can lead the charge in developing programs that fit the need of the athlete, and that is key.
Group programming can be a HARD sell.  You only get one chance to make a first impression….and that was this weekend.  While I wanted to believe that we were creating something AWESOME…I needed a substantial audience and group to stand behind it.  Anyone who has worked with groups before knows the initial setting is key in creating excitement and energy.
ENTER..the next best deal killer…the weather…the snow amounts started to climb and the forcast started to look dismal…given how close we were to the holidays we did not have a back up plan…so we forged ahead and prayed to the snow gods to hold off until 9 am…PLEASE…
Saturday morning came….and we found ourselves…with this

Over 50 at our Open House!  Honestly the support was amazing..many new faces who are looking to change their lives and so many returning faces who came in support of running.   Our running community has a new home and a new motto…
We are ready to take on 2014 and I am so excited!
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