This afternoon Aly, Brianna and I went to pick up a “new kitchen” Both girls have been playing a ton with our old one and it was really small and causing many tears in the morning. So thanks to Criagslist we found a new and bigger one, along with a picnic table. The best part, the new one has stuff on both sides, so we can separate the two and they can each play. Of course, Aly insisted that Brianna “too little to play with fire mom” so she must stay away from the grill. Here are a couple of pictures of our old kitchen and our new one!

I love these pants they read SMARTY PANTS
Tonight I went on my final run before the half on Saturday. Of course, I did not get out the door until close to 8 but I did 5 miles and it felt good. My knees are a little sore but it was raining and the weather is pretty humid. YAHOO for Saturday.

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Craig · October 3, 2008 at 1:19 am

You have done a much better job providing kitchens for your children than I did providing them for mine.

I’m looking forward to our run on Saturday. The weather sounds great – nice and cool.

See you soon.

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