Ryan wanted this to make the 4 month pictures of Jackson…..look at those thighs….I just want to snuggle him….there is soo much of him!
Ryan is staying in Philly for the next couple of nights….so the girls and Jackson have been hanging here.  Last night Aly scored her first goal in soccer – she was so proud….I am constantly amazed at how fast they grow.  Today at preschool the teacher pulled me aside to let me know Aly did her pattern work all by herself and then helped her friends – oh that made me so happy.  You try as a parent to teach your kids to be good, and sometimes at home in the thick of things you forget they are kids…so today it was so nice to hear that.
Brianna is really enjoying dance… she got a special treat at school today for sitting and listening during calendar…..hmmm not sure if she regularly does this or not but she LOVED her ruler. 
And Jackson is just a joy….minus the need to eat….this kid is my dream child….he is so happy and ready to drive!
In terms of running….my half marathon is this weekend.  While I have worked hard to get my mileage up.. my knee has been bothering me…I do attribute part of that to mileage and the other part to lugging a 20 lb 4lb around.  I am hoping to cut back on my miles after the half and rehab my knee a little.
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