My break from training was short this year and we are back into training mode.  This is the first year I have done a really regimented off season.  In years past, I would take a break for a couple of months and swim, bike, run on my own as I felt.  I LOVED it…I did some trail running, a few fall races, and swam with the high school.  This year required a little more planning and some changes.


yes, i still use a paper planner and LOVE it

I got back on a more regimented schedule this year after two weeks.  I wanted to do a short swim focus for a meet in December.  I was trying to make the National Qualifying times for Masters.  I was swimming a decent amount and getting back into swim shape.  Aly has been swimming with me at least once per week as her choice weekend exercise.  It has been a blast to spend time one on one and she is a good swimmer…she does not love the pool though.  If given the choice, she would read over swimming.



I did a ton of reorganization and changing up of my commitments for the fall and the spring.  Hopefully, this will leave a little more margin of error room for recovery, training and work commitments.   I have also ventured back here:


Not a place I love at all, but apparently a necessary evil.  Sue added a solid three days per week of strength training.  Pretty much highlighted the things I know, that my glutes and core are on a permanent vacation.

I think on of the biggest challenges in starting so early is patience.  Typically, I have had a couple of months of some fun and down time before getting back to work. I have started back earlier that in the past and the workouts are more structured off season stuff,  so the challenge has been embracing the change once again.

The good news is I am STILL excited about next

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