Is it possible to get kicked out of church….we may find out.
This morning I took the girls to Jr. Choir practice for 9 am.  We then stayed for the 10:15 service but in my head I knew that that was a LONG time for Brianna to sit.  I even asked her before we went into the church to sit in the pews if she wanted to play in the nursery, she replied that she is NOT a baby…
Ryan was home with Jackson since it was just going to be too much for him to try to skip his morning nap.
Service started….the girls colored, had a snack, and FINALLY got called for the Childrens message.  All went well, they talked about favorite things.  Someone said they liked dogs…someone else replied they were allergic to dogs.  Aly pipes up and says – well you can never come to our house then we have dogs..all in the spirit of sharing…
Anyways, the minister dismisses them and all of the kids start walking towards to exit…except Brianna.
No Joke – she stands up and starts dancing.  No music – just the minister she is totally busting a move.  He quietly walks over to her and lets her know all of the other kids have gone downstairs for Sunday School.  She lets him know she is not done dancing…
So there she is entertaining the whole congregation with her moves.
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Derek Miller · February 7, 2011 at 11:44 pm

So was the nap for Jack or Ryan? 🙂

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