We went out to jump in puddles while Brianna was taking a nap….. however Aly insisted on changing her outfit so it matched her rain boots. Her favorite word is actually. She will say, well actually momma…..

Another funny coversation – I asked her where she wanted to eat lunch this afternoon – she replied Aruba, oh how I long for Aruba sunshine too.

Ryan recently had a “conversation” with a police officer in regards to speeding. Aly was with him and Ryan explained that the officer was talking to him about driving too fast. While waiting for the officer to return Aly wanted to know what was taking so long. Ryan told her that the police man was checking out the car.

While driving home from the gym this afternoon Aly was telling me to drive faster. I explained that I could not do that and the police might pull me over; to which she replied, don’t worry mom they just check out your car.

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