I am pretty sure if they issued licensed to parents mine might have been revoked today, or close to it.  Ever have one of those days were it is 9 am and the best thing to look forward to is bedtime.

I had to teach this morning, which meant everyone out of the house by 9.  Jackson stayed home with a sitter. Usually no big deal, however things needed to be smooth because the girls get dropped of for preschool for 9 and I had a 9:15 lesson.

Enter Aly, who comes prancing downstairs in a short sleeve shirt and water shoes, only to turn on the fire place because she was cold.  Argument ensues and she puts on fleece.  Brianna just wants to wear PJs, does not want to go to school, get dressed, eat breakfast, or anything that involves moving out of bed.  Jackson is cutting a tooth or something – we will find out at the Dr. this afternoon.  So he just wants to be held – all 25 lbs of him.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.. . as we need to be back at the Y tonight so that I can teach again.

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