ohh he is growing so fast…..slow down already…my big boy.

we saw Ryan for a long 24 hours…before we flew to NH for the Thanksgiving holiday.  He will join us at some point Wednesday – hopefully in time for baths ;).  I am ready to have two parents in the same house for an extended period of time.
We did hit the Lansdale parade on Sat to welcome Santa….a long 2 hours and about 4 lbs of candy later we were home.  The girls LOVED it.  Jackson thought it was pretty cool too until it interfered with his afternoon nap.  He did sleep in the Bjorn though – good thing he still fits in that.
I ran a 5k on Sat am before the parade.  I think the race plan said “run like you feel like your are going to puke”  pretty much sums up how I felt the entire race.  I did have a PR which was nice pre Turkey surprise.
We are here until Sat and then head to IA next Wed.  These next 6 weeks are going fly by!

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