My playroom causes me anxiety….. So in preparation of our guests Operation Organization was enacted on Monday afternoon. With fabulous advice from my trusty friend Susan, who stated “Less is More” we rid the playroom of half of the toys and stored them for later use or to be rotated. I got rid of things missing pieces and markers without caps. 3 garbage bags later, we had a nice transformation.

Ohh my organization fanatics like Shelley and Tara would be so proud…. Here are the before pictures…

This closet is attached to the playroom and it was disasterous.

This is after our transformation. I love it. The best part is tonight after having 5 kids play all day in there – it literally took 10 minutes to put things away. Now for the rest of the house…

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Tarawilky · April 10, 2009 at 9:01 pm

You are sooooo right! Aunt Tara was very impressed. I bet Shelley and I could have added another few bags too…hahaha!

The great thing about kids is that you will take out the “stored” toys in a few months and the girls will think they are new. However, I can hear Aly stating,”Oh mama, I was looking for this.”

Happy Easter and hugs to the Millers

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