It started Wednesday night.  Aly got sick with some sort of bug, a 24 hour or so thing……We was up most of the night and stayed home from school on Thursday.  Ryan was great he stayed home Thursday too, so I could keep my dentist appointment and get some sleep.

Somehow we thought we might have escaped it..however, Ryan got sick yesterday around 2 and I followed about 7 last night.  It was no fun in our house last night.  We alternated reading stories to the girls and running to the bathroom.

I was a little worried since we were supposed to take the girls to Disney on Ice – the Princesses today.  It is a 1.5 hour drive.  However, everyone seemed to be okay or functional this morning.  Ryan and I were tired but the girls seemed to be okay. 

So we decided to go for it – I knew that Aly would LOVE the show.  Everything was good until about 10 minutes before we arrive and Brianna gets sick in the car.  Uh oh…….here we go again..  Thankfully we had a suite – there was plenty of room.  She was a trooper.  I knew she did not feel well but she did get to watch some of the show.

The laundry pile continues to grow, and I swear I won’t mind if I never see 409 or Fantastic again.

Here are some pics from this afternoon….

Aly loved the show, here she is with her souveniers.
This was how Brianna spent some of the show…poor bug!
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