Everything is packed up and stored for next year….and most of the frosting is gone.  The Saturday before Christmas, we hosted 30 of our closets kid friends for our Annual Gingerbread Party.  We started this back in 2009 when we moved here as a way to meet others and slowly it has grown as our PA friends have become our second family.

I think Ryan will cap it at this though…we had over 60 people and while it was so much fun it is also a TON of work.  I build the houses and then the kids come and decorate them and play, we have dinner, drinks, and lots of sugar!

Christmas was rather low key…I was not feeling super and the kids had been on the go for quite some time.  We hosted Ryans parents who were a ton of help and provided the kids with some great gifts and fun times. We decided against technology this year and opted for bikes instead…Jackson thought that was a great idea.
We continue to be blessed and are looking forward to 2013!!!
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Caroline · January 5, 2013 at 12:18 am

Oh lord, Jackson has a bike! He looks like trouble in that photo! Glad you had a good Christmas and hope you are feeling better!

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