So it seems like months ago…we were in Lake Placid and I was getting ready for my first Ironman…and since then we have traveled to Iowa and now we are back in Philly until…tomorrow.  We head to NH to visit our other cousins before school begins.

In the meantime…there has been no slowness to our summer fun…

we spent many hours swimming biking and enjoying the midwest summer.

We came home to PA and peach season…and we have been lucky to enjoy the cooler summer weather.  On a side note…..our kids LOVE crab legs!  So we have been eating popsicles and rock climbing…all those things we put off in the beginning of the summer

I have been recovering and resting…staying up late and not having to get up at the crack of dawn is nice.  I am blessed to have awesome friends who surprised me with this…it was YUMMY!

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