This Spring, we enrolled Brianna in the North Penn Preschool Program.  I will fully admit it was not my first choice and for a while I was not sure how long we would last.  The program begins at 7:45 am and our kids are NEVER really up and moving by then.  So it meant a large adjustment and the hours were not really conducive to getting things done.
But alas, a couple of girlfriends who have kids kept raving about the program and so we went with the 
majority and started it.  It was AWESOME.  It is at the high school and it cost $35.00 for the entire semester.  The best thing was she was there for four high school periods and each period she had two buddies.  
She loved the attention and she came home with the best projects.  This week they had their little graduation fair.  Each high school student – there are 80, had to make a game or craft the kids could play or do.  We spent almost 2 hours going through all the activities.
Here are some pics.

Tomorrow she gets to say goodbye to her buddies..she is so sad that it is over!

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