A little break from blogging as our Spring was CRAZY busy…kids in soccer, karate, traveling and a little training thrown in the mix.  As, school gets out this Friday I sit wondering where did the months go!

This weekend we traveled to CT, so that I could race the Quassy Half.  I did this in prep for Placid two years ago and I think the course is hard given it is called the Beast of the Northeast.


We had a good group racing from Sonic and it was fun to catch up with the CT crew and connect all of our athletes.  I came into this a little different than 2013, having done long workouts on Tues and Wed and not a whole lot of taper…I will not lie…that made me very nervous for this race.

The Swim:

The lake is great and it was calm with no wind, so very little chop.  The women went after all the men…which I find really really annoying but not a whole lot could be done.  The plan was to swim aerobically to set myself up for a solid bike and just draft off the lead group.  As the gun went off, I went out hard the first 400 yards..and looked around…and there was no one….the line to the buoys was clear so I just swam and made it my mission to be comfortable and keep it easy and work my way through as many male waves as possible.

28:53 – and I was out of the water

The Bike:  This course is hard, there is never flat ground to really get aero and ride.  You are either climbing or descending and the hills are relentless.  I have made some major changes in my riding over the past 6 weeks.  First,  I am using a new fuel plan, which targets carbohydrates instead of a specific calorie number.  This seems to have made my riding stronger in that I can hold harder efforts longer and do not put myself into a hole. The second change was to lower my cadence a tad and not focus on hitting some magical number.  I seem to ride stronger at a little lower cadence and so far it has not been detrimental to the run.  My goal was to be more efficient and ride this course faster than I did in 2013….goal accomplished as I rolled into T2 9 min faster!

Bike 3:18:19

The Run:  First, the course went in reverse this year…which did not make it any easier.  It was just as hilly.  Corinna told me before the start there were nine hills and at two I decided that it was not smart to keep counting.  I had a new fuel plan for the run, which worked like a gem…the wheels did not come off and I felt good the entire time.  The run has been by far my struggle…coming off a hamstring issue this spring, I just did not have a ton of run fitness.  The course is beautiful and there are some out and backs, so I was able to see a bunch of friends along the way.


Overall, I was 15 min faster this year, which makes me excited for Placid.  This was a good chance to build some race confidence and I think that this course is harder than IMLP.


 The kids had a great day at the park, they got to cheer a little but stayed on the rides for the most part.  It is a great venue for families for that reason.


Special thanks…Ryan and the kids for making the trek…long course racing is not the most entertaining.   KBG –  friend extraordinaire for the live updates to my coach and for being all over the course for our athletes.  Sue Aquila – for teaching me that each race is a building block and all the little things really do matter.   Great things to come!


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