A bunch of random things to catch up on…
R – Racing…I have not done a whole lot since Mooseman and am not sure what I am going to do for the rest of the summer.  The fun news is I have a 5k in two weeks that ends with a margarita and a taco.  A small sprint in IA and that will round out June.
A – Adore – These kids LOVE their daddy.  I think it is because he lets them do things that I would not….like help trim trees, eat Doritos and watch movies on trips that take less than 5 minutes!

N – Nine – the number of nights we will spend in PA in June – we are on the road again to Toronto next week!
D – Detained – Speaking of Canada..last time we were here, we could not find Ryan’s ID to get out of Canada.  Hopefully we will be able to have an easier time through customs.  Last time the customs agent took his wallet and promptly declared him an American with his Costco card.   The best part of this little trip is we are going SANS the kiddos….yep I am confident that this will be the HIGHLIGHT of my summer!
O – Oh.my.gosh.look.at.those.thighs
M – Madness-  upon our return to PA there will be 7 kiddos 5 and under at our house….it will be one crazy week!

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