Ryan arrived home at last night, just beating the snow.  The girls were soo excited for him – they stayed up until after 10 waiting for him.  The did fall asleep quickly once he tucked them in.  Oh to have daddy home.
The best part…..CIGNA was closed today in PA.  Hello my prayers were answered.  SO we are all home today, expecting another foot of snow.  This was Aly at 9:30 this morning, building her frosty.  Good use of dog food for the face.  Hopefully the dogs don’t eat frosty in one of their outings.
So we are cuddled in drinking hot cocoa and watching Barney.  Life does not get much better.

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Tarawilky · February 11, 2010 at 4:42 pm

I am glad yesterday was so much better than today. I am thinking of the girls and hoping things went well today! Talk next week

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