This has been my view most mornings when I get home from my workouts, the sun rising and lots and lots of snow.
We got another couple of inches this morning…the kids played outside, but it was bitter cold. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend.  We have no traveling plans and the kids are slowly getting over their colds.
Jackson is growing like a weed….he is pulling up and starting to cruise.  He will not let you feed him, he wants to do it all himself….amazing how quickly gain independence.
Brianna just got bifocals…she continues to be my challenge.  She is so full of love and witty comments, she will talk to anyone and lets then know what is going on in our lives (good or bad).
Aly is currently in the Rapunzel phase, please let it be a phase.  She thinks she is a princess wants to wear a crown and on occasion asks Brianna to be the horse or Jackson the prince.
My training is going well…I try to get out in the am before anyone wakes up…4:45 am comes early though.  I am excited to run the Aruba half marathon and see where I am at. 
Ryan has been travel free for 2 months.  He heads to Thailand in a couple of weeks – boo for us.  My mom is coming for the week so that will be great.
Headed to bed…
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Mary IronMatron · January 22, 2011 at 1:49 pm

You're going to have a great half marathon.
And next week is a new week!

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