Since we arrived we have spent most of our time in central Hong Kong.  Today my mom and I met some friends who used to live in the States and now live in Hong Kong.  Ryan and Brian work together now and they were recently relocated from Singapore to Hong Kong. 

It was great to be able to see Erika and hear a little about the expat community in HK.  They live about 20 minutes outside of the central city in Repulse Bay.  This was a view from their apartment.

The roads to get here were long and really narrow.  You ride right along the coastline and their seems to be little room for error…no biking for sure.  We ate lunch at the American Club and then headed over to see her place.  They have three kids and it was interesting to hear about the day to day life here.  One challenge is that space is a premium and you live in much smaller spaces than the US.  In addition, it is normal to have live in help here.  So all apartments and houses come with accomodations for live in help.    Ryan would certainly have to cure his cereal and Mt. Dew habit though as cereal is over $10 a box and Mt. Dew is found no where.
Repulse Bay was beautiful.  There is a beach below their building where the kids can swim…no one was swimming here though since it is winter.  In the building, there is a grocery store, preschools, little shoppes, playground, and drs offices.  There seem to be a lot of expats within this community so it makes getting to know people much easier.  Public transportation is really good throughout the island so you are able to get to and from places easily,
There are a bunch of other little islands off of Hong Kong..this was taken from the American Club where we at lunch,  We are headed to Victoria Peak, which is the tallest peak in Hong Kong.   
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Tara · November 10, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Denied – you can't move there since Jackson would jump off the cliff and biking isnt an easy option (I can hear Ry saying it's possible to drive your bike somewhere with live-in help).

Marisa · November 10, 2011 at 7:59 pm


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