So this past weekend I was supposed to have a relaxing weekend without kids and in CT.  It has been a LONG time since I have spent the night away from the girls and having several consecutive meals without children was looking rather appealing.
Ryan insisted I take the Intrepid to CT, even though it is entirely unreliable and it meant that I had no access to a GPS.  Hmmm 9 months pregnant, 3 hour drive, with an unreliable car……I disagreed but took it anyway.
Long story short – it died.  The transmission is gone – well it does drive 30 mph but no faster.  For a short moment I considered driving it all the way back to PA and making Ryan drive it everyday to the train station.  It would surely ensure no speeding tickets, and serve him right for making me take it.
I was able to still see my friends and rent some apts, so it did not damper my weekend  that much.  I drove a rental home and we will be donating the intrepid.
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