Blink….and September is almost over!  Everyone headed to school this year and we are settling into a new routine.  Jack started kindergarten and he was SUPER excited to ride the bus…which lasted all of about 2 days before 45 min was a LONG time.


Soccer still occupies four nights a week and both Brianna and Jack are enjoying it.  Brianna will play select through November and she has become quite competitive with scoring.  She is also still enjoying being goalie.

wpid-img_20150902_184837915.jpg      wpid-wp-1443473263748.jpeg

We managed to get in a quick trip to Vegas to celebrate our anniversary.  We took a quick detour over to the Valley of Fire to explore for the afternoon.  There were some spectacular views and hiking.

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When we arrived back in PA…it seemed that fall was here.   We hit up the apple orchard for 100 lbs of delicious.

wpid-wp-1443472807141.jpeg  wpid-wp-1443472822178.jpeg  wpid-wp-1443473593208.jpeg

We managed to get a bunch in the freezer for the winter and plenty of treats for the fall!

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